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"Thanks for everything you have done to encourage me and help build our local church. Cadre’s disciplemaking training experience was fantastic—a really great reset—and I believe the answer for all Christians. I love how you organized the workbook. Both Sunday School classes started on it yesterday. I challenged everyone to read one chapter a day in the Word and to intentionally be prayerful . We're on a disciplemaking journey TOGETHER. I thank God for you and I thank you for investing in First Baptist Church." 
—Pastor Mark Graves, Bradford, IL

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We had so much fun wrestling The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus training experience with about 40 people from 4 different churches in Bradford, IL, on Saturday, May 1, 20201.

Around the tables: Lot of open Bibles, smiles, and wrestling Scripture to know and love God TOGETHER. We call it Havering.

Training materials: The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book and The Disciplemaker's Living Guide. (Might you be interested in becoming a trainer so YOU can do this training in your ministry? Check this out.)

We've been friends with these sweet folks for about 30 years!

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