What Is God Doing? A Mid-Summer Ministry Update

Exploring the priesthood of all believers with these national leaders from Youth for Christ. Here's what we wrestled with about 30+ ministry leaders from around the country: Why Mobilizing Volunteers for Ministry Is a Big Deal—and How to You Can Do It

My friend, Stan Risinger (on the right), is the impetus behind our upcoming Galesburg Area Leadership Community (GALC). Pastor Niceu (in the middle) has a congregation of about 100 “Chin” People in Galesburg, IL. Pastor Niceu has indicated that he wants to be a part of GALC this fall. Sounds right to me! I remember reading something about “making disciples from all nations” in the Bible!

We had so much fun with our dear disciplemaking friends from Christ's Place in Nebraska—and we introduced them to some of our dear disciplemaking friends in our neighborhood! (More here on disciplemaking friendships.)

We invested a day with our Nebraska friends and some of our Central IL disciplemaking friends in Delavan, IL, with Crazy Pastor Steve (not pictured), Cole Espenshied, and Jen Shearer (not pictured).
"Bill, Stacy, and Ivy, It was really fun for our team to get time with you. Thank you for opening your home and sharing your disciplemaking friends with us.Thank you for your hospitality, your generosity, and sharing who you are with all of us. We left encouraged and feeling loved. We appreciate you." —Pastor Paul and Kristin Welch

After preaching in Wheatland, IA, one recent Sunday, we went over to Pastor/Dr.Craig Smith’s house for a no-holds-barred exploration of disciplemaking as a Jesus-like way of life with the students who are a part of Northwoods School of Ministry. We enjoyed food, fun, and a rigorous discussion.

"Bill, you and Stacy were a breath of fresh air to our students who are eager to live a disciplemaking way of life that resembles Jesus. Sometimes we just need real life examples of such. So grateful God placed you so very close in proximity to us and that you were willing to open up your life and ministry to show us how you labor to make disciplemakers in everyday life on a daily basis. Thank you."              —Dr. Craig Smith, Director of Northwood’s School of Ministry

Four pastor friends of mine got to gather to encourage and learn from each other on engaging their communities. It was beautiful, rich, and encouraging. “If your church disappeared, would anyone miss it?” I dare you to answer that question.


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