Disciplemaking As Easy As PIE...

We can bring disciplemaking encouragement and training to you, your ministry, and your church. That's what we do as Cadre Missionaries! Check out some of our training experiences and then reach out to us.

Your church, ministry, small group, etc.

We'll explore the following questions...
* Have we made disciplemaking unnecessarily difficult? 
* What is the simplest way to engage Jesus-like disciplemaking?  
* How crazy and beautiful would be if every one in your church/ministry began to embrace a simple, Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life?
* What if this Jesus-like way of life is… as easy as PIE? 

The Disciplemaking As Easy As PIE training experience

Anyone interested in disciplemaking. 

Contact Us?

With whom do you need to share this?
*  Full disclosure: There will be no pie at this training experience. However, you may bring some pie to share with everyone.


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