An Interesting Short Film and Some Questions to Make You Think...

Here's how to use this post as a fun 60-90-minute interactive training session with your family, friends, church, small group, etc...

1. Watch This Short and Old Film...
If the video above doesn't appear, go here.

Discussion and Application Questions
1. Why was this film made? What's your take?
2. In one sentence, what do you think the message of this film is?
3. Is the message of this film relevant to today? If so, how?
4. Can you think of a better way to engage people with the person of Jesus? Explain. Tell stories.
5. Consider the life and ministry of Jesus: How did Jesus engage people with the Good News?
6. How did you come to know and follow Jesus?
7. Finish the sentence: The best way to help people find and follow Jesus is....

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