Disciplemaking Multiplication and Disciplemaking Learning Communities!

On Saturday morning, September 18th, Crazy Pastor Steve and I did The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus training experience at Open Bible Church in Galesburg, IL. “Bill, the training was fabulous. It was a blessing to have you and Steve speak into our people. I think we are really starting to get it. My heart is filled with such joy.” —Pastor Mark Dexter.

The first gathering of the Galesburg Area Leadership Community (GALC). We’re off to a great start. As a Disciplemaking Learning Community, we aspire to study, live, and share The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus where we live, work, play, and church.

Do you remember last year when Crazy Pastor Steve Waggoner and I reluctantly started a women’s disciplemaking learning community? Yeah, I never imagined that would ever happen. But it did. And God seems to have used it—even though it was “out-of-the-box.” I’m so happy to share this picture above of the Central IL Women’s Disciplemaking Learning Community (WDLC)—now completely planned, led and directed by Jesus and these women. God is not only multiplying disciplemakers—but he's also multiplying disciplemaking learning communities where friends gather to study, live, and share the disciplemaking genius of Jesus where we live, work, play, and church.

The Peoria Area Leadership Ongoing (PALCO) gathered together at the Christian Center in Peoria, IL, to live, study, and share the simplest understanding of a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life.

The first gathering of the Peoria Area Leadership Community (PALC). We’re off to a great start. As a Disciplemaking Learning Community, we aspire to study, live, and share The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus where we live, work, play, and church.

Football is back! But let’s be totally honest here: The Bears are far from being a great football team. (That’s nothing new!) However, a Bears game is great excuse to gather as a family (and overeat). The older our kids get, the more challenging it is to get them all together. So we’re thankful to be together with whoever can make it. Disciplemaking starts with us and our families. Ours is messy… probably a lot like yours. Thanks for every prayer you pray for me, Stacy, and all our many kids! Means the world to us. And thanks for reading all the way to the end.


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