What God Did in Washington State

In January I received this note from Pastor Jeromy Waunch from The Vine Community Church in Deer Park, WA. This post is a report back on our time with the beautiful people of The Vine Community Church, April 1-3, 2022.

We did The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus training experience with about 70 people. Each person received The Disciplemaking Living Guide and The Disicplemaking Genius of Jesus book—for application and small group follow-through after our training time together. I don't think they could  have crammed any more people into that room. So much fun and energy! Pastor Jeromy wrote: “My heart is very full right now. So grateful for the Holy Spirit’s work in our people this past weekend. Disciplemaking stories keep trickling in. We also did a D Group (Disciplemaking Group) with my family last night. It was really good.”

Hear that chatter on the video? That's the sound of "havering." When we do training, we don't lecture. Why? The more people are engaged, the more they learn. The more they learn together in community, the greater the possibility of living on mission together. What do we call a community of people living on Jesus' mission together? We call it "Disciplemaking Friendships that Multiply."

Our training team consisted of Crazy Pastor Steve (far right above), Pastor Nate Stenholtz (in checkered shirt), and me. Pastor Jeromy (far left) made it possible for all three of us to do the training together. Training trainers to live and share disciplemaking is what Cadre does. If you're interested in becoming a Cadre trainer, go here

Nate leading with The Disciplemaker's Prayer.
Christy Waunch, wife of Pastor Jeromy, wrote:  “It was so exciting to be taught a  simple way to live and engage in disciplemaking friendships this weekend. I am wrecked in a good way. I just want to join God in what he is already doing around me.” Another person said “What an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend I had! Great training and fantastic disciplemaking friendship building. Thank you, Lord!”

We had dinner with the various church leaders and then Crazy Pastor Steve lead everyone through a D-Group experience. The D-Group experience is another way to keep reinforcing the three core disciplemaking values we see in the life and ministry of Jesus.

This whole Washington state adventure happened because the pastor cared enough about disciplemaking. Here's his story. And check out that cool shirt he's wearing! Get yours here.


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