Why Disciplemaking Matters More than Ever


You may have noticed that it's a crazy world out there. And it feels like it's getting crazier. Doesn't it?

In North America, it seems like paganism is displacing Christianity in the public square.

Ironically, in the first 300 years of the church that Jesus started, Christianity spread so effectively that it actually displaced much of paganism in the Roman Empire. And it all happened in a context that was often hostile to Christianity. Think about that. 

How did the early followers of Jesus have such a huge impact on a pagan culture?

In his book, The Triumph of Christianity, Dr. Rodney Stark writes, "...the  spread of religious movements is not accomplished by dramatic events and persuasive preachers, but by ordinary followers who convert their equally anonymous friends, relatives, and neighbors."

That sounds like "disciplemaking friendships that multiply" to me.

We Need a Revival?
I hear the urgent call for "revival" these days. I think the people calling for revival are well-meaning. But there can be no real revival that isn't centered firmly on the person, work, and ministry of Jesus Christ—for He is the head of the church. Jesus birthed his Church as a disciplemaking movement that continues to transform this world one heart at a time. 

One of my pastor friends was recently at a gathering of pastors in his local community. The person leading this group challenged the pastors by saying this: "We have 22,000 people in our community—and very few of them ever meet Christians. We need to have a revival!"

My pastor friend responded, "Is it possible that many of the 22,000 people in our community have met Christians—but those Christians don't know how to make disciples like Jesus? What might God do if we, as pastors, gathered to study, live and share Jesus' disciplemaking way of life starting with the Christians in our churches?"

A long awkward pause ensued.

Then the leader of the meeting finally said, "So back to the revival idea...." 

I know. It's funny—and sad—at the same time.

What if disciplemaking like Jesus is revival? 

If that's true, then...
What if disciplemaking like Jesus is our only real hope for turning the tide? Here's how you can join Jesus' movement


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