Pastor Disaster?

If you know me and Cadre Missionaries, you already know we love and encourage pastors everywhere we go. We're passionate about equipping congregations to love, support, and encourage their pastors! I'm happy to say that almost all the pastors I know and love are not just good preachers—but they are also beautiful people. Almost every pastor I know aspires to study, live, and share God's Word. 

That's why I'm wondering about this recent research on pastors.

Here's an interesting claim below from the Barna Research Group...

If this is true, I'd love to hear from you on HOW and WHY.

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eeidson said…
I wonder if there is a correlation between the lack of a Biblical worldview and our understanding of the PURPOSE of scripture? Is the bible to be a rulebook, manual, or textbook for how to live, or is it intended to reveal Jesus? Whenever we remove or neglect the PERSON of JESUS in scripture, its value and importance in our lives is diminished. Scripture is the most accurate recording of God's voice we have, and the more we listen to His voice in the bible, the more we will recognize His voice in our daily lives.

For example, if I treat the story of Creation as a science lesson, I may find some temporary value in that, but it will eventually run dry of revelation. If I read that same Genesis account trying to see and hear Jesus in the story, my eyes and ears are being tuned to see and hear Jesus in every aspect of my life. There is a fresh encounter with Jesus each time. It is the difference between reading the bible (a book) and hearing the Word (Jesus).

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