Valentine's Day, the Married Man's Prayer, & More

This Valentine's Day moment is brought to you by the Song of Solomon.

If you're a regular reader of  Cup O' Joe with Bill, then you know that we're big on prayer—and prayerfulness. We often refer to The Disciplemaker's Prayer as a simple and powerful way to engage in Jesus-like disciplemaking. One of our disciplemaking friends, Stan Risinger, took the spirit and cadence of The Disciplemaker's Prayer and wrote The Married Man's Prayer! The passages listed below are a simple Bible study. Look up the passage and find verses in the prayer. Then pray The Married Man's Prayer—and God just might change your heart, your marriage, and your life.

I dare you.

Bonus Video #1: 
Here's a Thought on the Super Bowl...
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Just for Fun!
I think this speaks for thousands of men.

Bonus Video #2:
What Moms Really Want for Valentine's Day
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