We need more HOPE dealers! Here's WHY and HOW...

 In an amazing experiment, scientists set out to test an animal’s survival instincts. The scientists dropped a rat into a large jar of water that had been placed in complete darkness. They wanted to see how long the animal would continue to swim before it finally gave up and allowed itself to drown.

What did they find? They found that the rat usually lasted little more than three minutes in complete darkness.

Then the scientists dropped another rat into the same kind of water-filled jar, but instead of putting it in total darkness, they allowed one tiny ray of light to shine onto the jar. Under those conditions, the rat kept swimming for thirty-six hours. That’s over seven hundred times longer! It seems that because the animal had a ray of hope, it continued to swim.

Don't miss the point...
God wants YOU to be that ray of hope and light to the people “swimming” in your sphere of influence in your everyday life—at work, home, school, church, and your neighborhood. 

But where do you start?

Start Here!

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