Look at What God is Doing—Summer 2023

  [Note: We are disciplemaking missionaries with Cadre Missionaries. As such, we give a brief ministry update here at Cup O' Joe with Bill once every three months—especially for those who love, pray, and support us.]

(Click any image to enlarge for reading, viewing, and praying.) 
Can you help us continue multiplying disciplemakers?

Here's how...
2. Join our email prayer team ("prayer team" in subject line)

All glory to God!

Can You Help Us?
We're celebrating 20 years of disciplemaking via Cadre Missionaries! We need your prayers and $ partnership for our disciplemaking ministry this Fall. Can you help us? If so, go here. No gift is too small—and each gift would be deeply appreciated. Either way, we thank God for you.
This beautiful family in Tennessee helped us get our Summer ministry mailing put together so we could send it out to you! Thank you God for friends. Full disclosure: We may have enjoyed pizza, BBQ, and ice cream *wink *wink. We don't call it a "Ministry Mailing Party" for nothing baby!

Bonus for reading all the way to the end...
June 11, 2023 is our 35th Wedding Anniversary!
Yes, we're old, but we're still brining the heat baby! LOL!

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