What is your plan to equip and encourage volunteers this Fall?

We had so much fun with 120 friends at Harvest Time Bible Church in Rock Falls, IL, doing The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus training experience! There was some Holy Spirt mojo happening: "What a fantastic training conference! I loved the interaction you encouraged us to do. Your approach to disciplemaking is so simple and powerful." —Dacia Borton, Director of Kid's Ministry.

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The more people are engaged with God, the Bible, and each other, the more people tend to learn. The more people tend to learn, the greater the chance they will be transformed by what they learn. The more they are transformed by the Holy Spirit, the greater the possibility of the world being transformed by God. We call this, The Disciplemaking Genius of JesusTurns out, it's the only hope for the world.

What might God do if you invested a morning exploring The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus together with the people whom you go to church with? I dare you to find out. Contact me if you're interested. Or you can join us in Central IL for one of these disciplemaking training experiences.

Just in case you think we only do training with large gatherings, the week before we did training at Harvest Time Bible Church in Rock Falls, IL, we had a blast with the volunteer ministry leaders of CrossPoint Church in Morton, IL!  Hey, Jesus started with 12—and that seems to have worked out very well. We have a passion for equipping and encouraging the small-town church.

(If video above doesn't appear, go here.)

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