Look at What God Is Doing—Summer 2024!

     [Note: We are disciplemaking missionaries with Cadre Missionaries. As such, we give a brief ministry update here at Cup O' Joe with Bill once every three months—especially for those who love, pray, and support us.]

All Glory to God!
(Click any image below to enlarge for reading, viewing, and praying.) 

Can you help us?
Summer can be a challenging time financially for missionaries. Make no mistake: We need you to be God's wind in our disciplemaking sails with Cadre Missionaries. Every little bit is a huge encouragement to us. 
Or send your gift to 
Cadre Missionaries
PO Box 278
Sycamore, IL 60178

Our Summer 2024 Ministry Mailing Team 
These are the peeps that made it happen! Thank you so much.
This beautiful group of friends and family helped us get our Summer 2024 ministry mailing put together so we could send it out to you! Thank you God for "framily" (friends and family). Full disclosure: We may have enjoyed pizza, wings, and other goodies. We don't call it a "Ministry Mailing Party" for nothing baby!

We couldn't be disciplemaking missionaries without friends like YOU!

Email me your mailing address and I'll send you this limited edition Cadre coaster so you can remember to pray for us!

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