My Encounter with Santa at Starbucks

While at the Starbucks in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, I ran into Santa Claus. Here’s a little know secret I learned that day. It turns out Santa is able to deliver all those presents in one night precisely because of Starbucks coffee. And for your information, Santa HIGHLY recommends the Christmas Blend! Surprised? Personally, I still prefer the Black Apron coffees at Starbucks, but it's difficult to argue with Santa... and the results he gets!


Adam said…
That must not have been the real Santa. I just happen to know that Santa prefers the coffee roasted in NE Wisconsin a bit more than the corporate stuff. However, the corporate coffee can be found worldwide and Santa really needs that kind of boost for that kind of a trip!
Bill Allison said…
Adam... spoken like a guy who owns a coffee roaster and roasts his own coffee. By the way, I'm OUT! Send SMOOTHEST OF THE SMOOTH asap... or I might have to go to... you know where... that corporate place...: )

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