Check out my seven New Year's resolutions

Are you sick and tired of making New Year’s resolutions you can’t keep? Why not resolve to do something that you can actually accomplish this year?

Seven New Year's Resolutons You Can Keep
1.  To gain weight—at least 15 pounds.
2.  To stop exercising.
3.  To read less.
4.  To watch more TV.
5.  To procrastinate more—starting tomorrow.
6.  To get further into debt.
7.  To spread out priorities beyond the ability to keep track of them.

It's just a thought...


Anonymous said…
Love is a subtitle for you..
...Setting you straight by Gods’ equipping the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ until HE returns and most importantly having fun and laughs while doing it.

I am sure God is always laughing at us. Take it or leave it. It is the best I can do. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Adam said…
I took your challenge and have completed all resolutions in only four days!!! Woohoo!!!!
Anonymous said…
I really need to see your latest Parsonal Growth Plan... and we need to talk about the "growth" part!

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