Training boys to be real men

I find this story about Joe Ehrmann to be very stimulating on a number of fronts. I invite you to watch his story and let me know what you think.

So, according to Joe Ehrmann, what are some differences between a guy to stays a boy... and a guy who becomes a real man? Do you think he's onto something... or on something?


Rick R. said…
I think he's right on. North American culture has generally low expectations of youth. People will tend to live up to low expectations.
Here is one of the last videos by Ralph Winters (famous missiologists)on "doing really hard things". I thought it very thought pevoking.
Anonymous said…
The problem is that first we must have a transformation of our minds... (I think Paul said that)
Kyle O'Hagan said…
You need to read, Season of Life, it's about him and the football team that he helps coach. Awesome book.

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