My Best Friend Turns the BIG 4-0 TODAY!

For the last year, I've been winking at her and saying stuff like, "You're gonna be the BIG 4-0 this year. You're getting old woman." And how does she respond? She smiles back at me in appreciation. No joke. She actually wants to look older. (One would think that her marriage to me and our six kids ages 8-18 would be enough stress to create gray hair and wrinkles... but to no avail... so far. Maybe when she gets to be 41?)

If you'd like to wish Stacy a happy 40th birthday and make her day by telling her how old she is looking, then all you have to do is GO HERE.

I invite you to join Sir Paul McCartney (who is old enough to be Stacy's dad) in the video below in celebrating the 40th birthday of the woman I love most on planet earth.


Unknown said…
Happy 40th Stacy! See you at Districts!
Kyle O'Hagan said…

May God bless you on this amazing achievement. Amazing because you've lived with Bill for at least half that time. God has created you into His amazing image. We are so blessed that God has allowed us to be friends. May God bless all the years that he has ordained for you.

Kyle and Becky O'Hagan
Rob Weise said…
Happy 40th Birthday Stacey! nancy and I have both been through this already and we are having the time of our lives in the 40's!! Looking forward to having your family at Districts!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Stacy.
-Rick Darling
Anonymous said…
40 is wondeful! Have a great birthday and live it up. God bless your socks off. Cathy Sanford
Tracy Hipps said…
WOW, Happy Birthday young lady, I mean older lady, no lady, no just woman of God. You don't look a day over, no let's just say you are 40 today. Now that you have reached the pentacle of your life, no let's just say a mile stone, no maybe that is to hard of a word. Let's say another level, not that you have not reached a level yet, looking so young. Ok, let me just say "Happy Birthday" and let's pretend I don't know your age because woman don't share there age.
Thanks for sharing life with us.
Tracy and Mary Jo Hipps

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