Will YOU please pray for us this weekend?

This weekend I'm speaking to over 3,000 students in Green Bay, WI, and would love it like crazy if you would say a quick prayer for us—see 1 Thessalonians 5:25.

It would be CRAZY cool if you'd take a minute and write out your prayer for us as a comment to this post.

Here's a short video about what's up this weekend in Green Bay:

Thanks for praying for us... and leaving a written prayer in the comment section!


keri gilles said…
first i want to pray for all the people who are traveling to this event for safety and protection. God give the speakers and all the leaders your wisdom and compassion to be there for these kids in any way that they need and Lord i just pray that these kids that are there will be touched and inspired by what they hear ant will be set on fire for you, cause it is up to the next generation. we love you Father and ask in Jesus name Amen
Pheaney said…
Jesus. Bless this weekend. Open students hearts to the specific message you have for them. May Bill be a messenger of your good news.

And may you protect him from all cheeseheads.

Unknown said…
Prayers abounding this weekend for you...the band...Eric Timm...and everyone attending..."Holy Spirit, may your presence be felt in a powerful way in every heart of every person throughout every event & speaker this weekend...may every mind be focused on God and God alone - let their minds be cleared of any thought or any other person except the glorious and living God and the grace, love and forgiveness we have through His Son - our Savior, Jesus Christ.
If anyone does not know Him as their Lord, let this moment not pass before they surrender...if there is anyone "doing their own will" or "going their own way" - help them surrender or return to the road of the cross. Thank You for what you are doing tonight, in the service right now, may the POWER of your PRESENCE flow down within the building so that the cup/building overflows and people will know they are in the presence of the Living God...and through that knowledge will worship Him and serve Him in a deeper way - from this day forward. Amen"

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