Training especially for volunteers and those who love them...

When was the last time you trained volunteers in your ministry to do significant ministry?
If you've never really trained volunteers, you're not alone.

We can bring the training to you and your volunteers!

This book is designed to be ten fun, biblical, and interactive training experiences especially for ministry volunteers, key students, parents, volunteer ministry team leaders, deacons, elders, stay-at-home moms, senior citizens and even some pastors. 

Here are the ten training experiences... 
(Click image below to enlarge for viewing)
Each person gets the book, Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister, and Lead! This book is ten disciplemaking training experiences and includes application/discussion pages that help you wrestle the Scriptures together. You’ll learn how to be a disciple (grow), who makes disciples (minister), who make more disciples (lead). 

What might God do in your ministry if you dared to encourage and equip volunteers to study, live, and share Jesus-like ministry together?

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