Please Pray for Aubrey and Josey!

Please pray for Aubrey (17) and Josey (15) as they are serving Jesus in the Dominican Republic right now—along with a team of other high school students.  Just got this update from Aubrey and wanted to share with you what God is doing in them and through them for His glory:

My team did evangelism first, so i’ve been doing that! The kids have really loved the skit and cross visual! Today we had about 67 kids listing to our presentation! AND at least 40 kids accepted Jesus into their heart!! Yay God!! I’m so excited for what God is doing and has yet to do! Oh, and we ate tacos for lunch!! Delish!! The dominican food is so gooooooood!  The Lord is amazing. I’m learning new things from the Bible stories I’ve heard numerous times, and I’m just so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me.
–Aubrey Allison

THANKS for praying for them.  Here's the mission trip blog with pictures.


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