Disciplemaker's Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead

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Here are ten disciplemaking adventures for following Jesus together! Each of these ten disciplemaking adventures includes application pages that will help you wrestle the Scriptures together. You'll learn how to be a disciple (grow), who makes disciples (minister), who make more disciples (lead).

A note from our friend who oversees Moody Bible Institute's Distance Learning Program: 
"I had such an incredible response to your book, Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister and Lead from the students in my Moody leadership course. Some students in Australia needed to take a two hour independent study on Christian Education. They loved the Disciplemaker's Guide! They said the book addressed the issues they were wrestling with in their church. Thanks for your partnership in ministry for all of these years! Thanks for all that you’ve poured into our lives! Thanks for letting me share Cadre resources with people around the world so that the Body of Christ can be better equipped to love and serve Jesus and the world around us! —Dr. Andrew Beaty

Start your disciplemaking adventure now.

Chapter 1 You, as a Volunteer in the Church, Can Change the World


Chapter 2 Grow Your Attitude

Chapter 3 Grow Your Actions

Chapter 4 Grow Your SMART Plan


Chapter 5 When Your Ministry Suffers from Program-itis?

Chapter 6 When Your Definition of Success Is Off...

Chapter 7 When Your Evangelism Events Aren?t Working?


Chapter 8 Leading You

Chapter 9 Leading Those Who Lead You

Chapter 10 Leading When You Want to Quit

(Below: iBooks Version)
* For the iBooks version (with lots of digital extras including printable personal and group application pages for each chapter, Bible icon with imbedded verses, four 30-minute conversational audio training sessions, plus more) CLICK HERE.

* For the printed book, CLICK HERE.

* For other e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.,) CLICK HERE.

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