15 Minutes a Day that Will Change Your life Forever

By far the single most important thing I did last year that helped my relationship with God was reading through the Bible—with some friends.

I'd like you join me and a Cadre of friends to read through the Bible—together—this year.

But first, let's talk about your big BUT.

I know. You've tried to read the Bible in a year before, BUT about the time you got to Leviticus you ran out of gas. (Pun intended.) Then you felt guilty about it. (I feel your pain.) You felt like such loser! As a result, you now have a big BUT. Well, let me help you get over your big BUT by introducing you to…
Did you get that? This year is the guilt-free—not the guil-ty—read through the Bible.

What in the world are you talking about Bill Allison? Let me be clear: If you dare to read the Bible with us this year (and I hope you will), you most certainly are going to miss a day—or more—from time to time. It happens to me every year we do this.

So what happens when you miss a day? A few days? A week? A month? Three months? Six months? A year? If you miss a day, week, or month or whatever, I invite you to simply start reading the Bible—not where you left off—but on whatever day it is that day. No Bible-reading mafia types will show up at your house to confiscate your Bible and break your legs. Seriously. No guilt. Say those words slowly right now out loud: "No. Guilt."

Why this approach? I suspect if you take this no guilt approach, you will actually read the Bible more this year than any other year in your life.  Next year, we can work on reading the WHOLEly Bible :  )

Here's the kicker: Reading through the Bible in a year takes only about 15 minutes a day, but it's 15 minutes a day that will change your life forever.

Don't believe me? Here's a true story.

I dirty-double-dog-dare-you to try to read the Bible for 15 minutes day… and regularly share with some friends how God is changing your lives.

So, are you in? 
If yes, then here's the plan we're starting together on January 1, 2023!

Is your big BUT still getting in your way?
If yes, then watch this video...
If video above doesn't appear, go here.


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