Discipleship or Disciplemaking?

Which one of below is discipleship and which one is disciplemaking? Why?
What are the differences between discipleship and disciplemaking?

Why does it matter?

Consider why your life is too short to do discipleship.

Quotes from the article:
"Perhaps the mark of a growing church or ministry isn't how many people are coming into it, but rather how many disciplemakers are being sent out from it."
"We call this multiplication of Jesus-like disciplemakers and Disciplemaking Learning Communities "D3 Disciplemaking." D1 inflow happens when, together with others, we intentionally set about living a life of loving God and loving people. D2 is the overflow from a D1 lifestyle that enables us to help others begin or deepen their adventures of loving God and loving people. With the consistent inflow of D1 and overflow of D2, together we enjoy D3—where it's our privilege to help others help others to love God and love people. D3 = three generations of disciplemaking. If you can't count at least three generations, you're probably doing discipleship, not Jesus-like disciplemaking. There is a world of difference between discipleship and disciplemaking. Think about it. "
To read the full article, go here.


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