Monday Funday: Twitter tweets to make you smile

Below are a few of my Twitter tweets from the last week or so.

Hope these at least make you smile… even just a little.

That would be pretty good... for a Monday.

On April 1st I tweeted this:
"I'm giving up coffee." #aprilfools

After reflecting on all the women in my life and family. I tweeted this:
"Sometimes I ask Siri to do stuff that I could do without her just so I can feel like I'm in charge." #finallyawomanwhodoeswhatisay #jokinghoney #justincasemywifeisreadingthis

After reflecting more about having six daughters and my need for money to pay for weddings, I tweeted this:
"With 6 daughters, I believe in biblical dating... aka parentaly arranged marriages (including a very steep bride price). If you're a young man and interested, contact me at" #lifetimememberofthenra

While sitting in a packed theater with my teenagers and some of their friends, I tweeted this:
"At the Hunger Games movie pretending to be culturally relevant. (This is a movie about a food eating contest, right?)" #ithinkimacoololdguy #embarrassingmykidsandtheirfriends #extrabutterpopcorn

Here's a tweet from my college son who works at a clothing store: 
Older lady: "Do you have this bikini top in an xxl?"
My 19 year old son: "Nope, if it isn't out, we don't have it."
Older lady: "Oh darn, my boobs are too big!"
My 19 year old son: ".... i'm sorry?"

I can tell you right now, homeschooling did not prepare him for this real life situation. However, living at home as the only boy with six sisters did.

What are some of the funniest tweets you've seen? I'd love it if you'd share a couple with me. Click the comment link below… and thanks.

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