Monday Funday: Why I'm going to live forever...

Would you like to live longer?

If yes, then you need to start drinking coffee.

And if you already drink a cup of coffee each day, then you need to drink more coffee if you want to live longer.

This breaking news is from the latest research which tracked the health and coffee drinking habits of over 400,000 older adults over a 14-year period.
The study found:
  • Java drinkers were less likely to die than their non-coffee drinking counterparts. 
  • Men and women who had at least five cups of coffee a day had the lowest risk of death.
  • The original thought that coffee had ill effects on one's health stemed from research that did not factor in that many coffee drinkers also smoke—this study separated the nonsmoking coffee drinkers from the coffee drinkers who smoke.
  • Coffee's health-giving effects were in play regardless of whether it was regular or decaf.
All I have to say is… Cup O' Joe with Bill indeed!

So I invite you to long life by joining me in drinking a lot of the best coffee known to mankind: ZuZu Coffee.

I propose a toast.  (Are you holding up your coffee cup?) Here's to great coffee and long life!

While you finish your Cup O' Joe, check out the full article from the LA Times here.

And if you want to live forever in the next life where I'm going, check this out.


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