Programming 4 Discipleship

Please pass this on to every youth leader you know—volunteer and paid—who works with students in a ministry setting.
Programing 4 Discipleship is a four-part downloadable audio training. Each training session includes a downloadable ten-page training manual. All four sessions are aimed squarely at helping volunteer youth workers program their youth ministries for discipleship.

Did I mention that it's all FREE?

Your guide on this audio/PDF training journey will be me, Bill Allison, a.k.a. Volunteer Coach Man. It's going to be a fun, fast-moving, and sometimes out-of-control training adventure... so buckle your seat belts!

Along the way, you'll have lots of opportunities to stop the audio and work through the application pages in the downloadable PDF training manual. Warning: Don't just listen to the audio. Your learning will be exponentially higher if you download and print the training manual and then work through the training manual as you listen to the audio. Stop the audio to actually work through the application pages. For best results, use as described above with a small group of other volunteer youth workers and student leaders and take the journey together... and be sure to order some pizza.

Are you ready to start downloading? Here you go... from our hearts to yours... from your biggest fans at Cadre Ministries...


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