Ministry Is Relationships Training Experience

Unleash God’s Power in Your Relationships!

Love God.  Love people. Make disciplemakers. Indeed, life and ministry are all about relationships!  Developed by Cadre Ministries, this workshop takes you back to the heart of authentic ministry and life change— RELATIONSHIPS! More of a highly interactive learning experience than a passive workshop, you will encounter these sessions and learnings:

Session 1 No Relationships = No Ministry; 
                    Know Relationships = Know Ministry
An out-of-the-box learning experience will get us started and explain why relationships are the heart of ministry—and God’s mode of operation for impacting and changing the lives of those in our ministry!

Session 2 God-Powered Relationship Skills
Learn the biblical motivation for building relationships.  Learn the three key relationship skills for connecting with the heart of others.

Session 3 He That Hath Ears—Let Him Hear!
A listening experience you will never forget—and be able to use in your life and ministry to build relationships.

Session 4 CLEAN UP Messy Relationships
Learn to use God's relationship cleaning supplies.

In addition, each participant receives a training manual complete with practical application pages, follow-through ideas, an agenda for a large group action plan meeting,
AND a twenty-five day One Another Living Guide for individual and small group study on the “one another” verses!

Who should come?
* Anyone junior high through senior citizen.

To explore bringing this training experience to your ministry, go here.


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