The Danger of Ignoring Idiot Lights

by Bill Allison 
Once upon a time, you and your ministry were so busy that you didn't take time to encourage the hearts and equip the hands of the wonderful volunteers who serve with you.

Even though the "maintenance required" light came on—warning you to stop your flurry of ministry activity long enough to schedule some routine maintenance, you still just kept going.

And you got away with it... for a while.

Then you started to notice the engine of your ministry bogging down. You began hearing weird sounds you'd never heard before. You started smelling some funny smells coming from underneath the hood. But you were still too busy driving to care for your "car." So you just kept driving.

Until... it finally stopped working.

Then you had to call a tow truck. And in that one trip to the mechanic, you spent more than you would have spent in years of little investments in routine upkeep.

And here's the kicker: The car never did really run as well as it once did. The damage was done.

The End.

Or was it the end?

Yes, it was the end. Because no one can ignore the dashboard warning lights of life and ministry continually and get away with it.

 No one.

 It most certainly will catch up with you. It's simply a matter of time.

But... there is another way.

YOUR story doesn't have to have this unhappy ending. You can do something now.

It all starts when you pay attention to the "maintenance required" light screaming for your attention. It's telling you it's time to stop the car of your ministry to encourage the hearts and equip the hands of the volunteers who serve in the ministry with you.

Wouldn't it be better to stop now for a tune up before the long drive this fall?

So here's the BIG question:

What are YOU going to do to encourage and equip yourself and the volunteers who serve in ministry with you?

If your answer to this BIG question is, "Nothing," or "We're just too busy," then please reread this article starting at the title.

If your answer to the BIG question is, "I'd love to encourage and equip the volunteers in our church and ministry, but I don't know where to start," then email us or call 815.501.3132 right now.

We can bring disciplemaking training to you and your ministry—or even better—we can equip you to take disciplemaking training to your ministry. The training is fun, affordable, practical, and solidly anchored in the Bible. What are you waiting for... the "check engine" light to come on? Why not pull over now for some routine upkeep BEFORE more significant repairs are required?

It's your call. It's your "car."

But think about it.

What does it say about us when we ignore "idiot lights"?
(These volunteers are smiling because someone loved them enough to encourage and equip. This could be your volunteers.)

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