The last… and best… Cornerstone ever...

We just experienced the last… and best Cornerstone Festival ever. (That makes 27 out of 29 for me personally.)

Why was this last Cornerstone Festival the best?

Two reasons...

1. Because it was Ivy's first Cornerstone… and her first Crash Dog concert.  I think she liked it. What do you think?

(If video doesn't appear, go here.)

2. My 19-year-old son spontaneously asked me to baptize him in Cornerstone Lake in the midst of a community of people we've had the honor of walking together with for over 35 years. So after sharing his spiritual journey with our community and random people who were already swimming in the lake, I baptized him… like Jesus commanded.
Not sure it could have been any better… except for maybe IF the weather had been under 100 degrees. Thanks for celebrating God's goodness with us!

More fun pictures from this last Cornerstone... click to enlarge for viewing:
Sitting around the Streatorville camp fire until the early morning hours. Libby and Sadey asleep on the couch. That's right... a couch.

Bill's Ska Band, Must Build Jacuzzi, played while some in the audience skanked. It's something you gotta see to believe.... but everyone seems to have a lot fun. Did I mention it was 105 degrees? (Note the horn section to the left.)

If this looks like a bunch of over grown kids swimming in Kool Aide in a kiddy pool... well... that's exactly what it is. More Cornerstone craziness and fun.  Did I mention the average temperature for the week was over 100 degrees?

Then on to the annual game of buck-buck. It's a tradition.

A time of community and worship with the guitar and banjo. Yep. Banjo.

Each night... gathering... following Jesus... together.

We all agree. While Cornerstone has lots of fun bands and teaching, we think it's most important feature is enjoying God together. That's why well probably all get together next 4th of July and camp out... Cornerstone Festival or no Cornerstone Festival. For us, it never really was just about the music. It's about following Jesus... together.


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