Asking the RIGHT questions is everything...

Leaders ask: "What's working?"
  • Hence an obsession with currently trending models/systems of ministry—and those who make them happen.
Disciplemakers ask: "How can we imitate Jesus' disciplemaking way of life together?"
  • Hence an obsession with the person of Jesus Christ as found in the Gospels—and a deep friendship with those who share this obsession.
Here's the Point:

The questions we ask take our lives in a direction... to somewhere and someone.

Where and to whom are your questions taking you?

Disciplemaking is a person driven life, not just a purpose driven lifeAnd that person is Jesus Christ.

If we get the person right, the purpose will be clear.

If we don't get the person right, then ________________________.
                                                           (you finish the sentence).

More on this here.

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