Strategically Training Youth Leaders!

On April 12-14, 2013, I took Cadre's disciplemaking training to youth leaders in the Western Kansas Southern Baptist Association. (Click any image below to enlarge for viewing.)
You know that saying, "Get out of Dodge"? That's right. That saying originated here. I felt like a Cowboy the whole time I was there. I even saw a guy wearing real spurs on his boots. :  ) Loved every minute I was in Kansas!

Lots of Bible-based training combined with fun interaction together as a team. We wrestled what loving God, loving students, and making disciplemakers looks like real life and in youth ministry. We call it the Ministry Is Relationships training experience!

I could rant and rave about these really wonderful donuts at the training, but I didn't have any. Okay, that's a lie. These puppies were DELICIOUS! Krispy Kreme eat your heart out!

Stop and think about this for a minute: How strategic is it to invest in training and encouraging those who disciple students? It's a never ending disciplemaking ripple effect because every youth leader works with lots of students—and students take it to other students! Ponder the eternal impact of your financial and prayer partnership with Cadre Ministries. We're out to encourage and equip disciplemakers.

Chillin' with Wyatt Earp after the training in Dodge City. Click the pic to take a close look at both of our faces. Together we have have enough facial hair for one complete beard. 

"Thanks for the awesome training Bill! I was blessed and encouraged." —Doug Ellison, Youth Pastor

We couldn't take these adventures without friends like you. Thank you for the honor of being your disciplemaking missionaries with Cadre Ministries!


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