Best. Story. Ever.

Recently, I had the honor of preaching in my hometown. As I spoke on my favorite subject, it dawned on me that in the congregation, there was a living picture of D3 Disciplemaking.
In the congregation that day were two friends who used to work together as bartenders years ago. Here's their story. The woman on the left heard the Gospel from her sister. Her relationship with Jesus began to transform her life so much that she quit working as a bartender—and started sharing Jesus with her best friend—the woman on the right.

The woman on the right didn't really want to hear about Jesus—and no longer wanted to be friends with the woman on the left—because all she could do was talk about Jesus and the Bible. When the woman on the left would show up at the woman on the right's apartment, she'd close the door before the woman on the left could get in.

One day, the woman on the left got to her apartment door before she could close it. So the woman on the right let her into the apartment. The woman on the left opened her Bible and shared God's story with the other woman. And that day the woman on the right received Jesus Christ as her Savior.

She, too, was so transformed by her relationship with Jesus, that she immediately began to share God's story with her children. They, too, would soon receive Jesus Christ as their Savior.

That all happened over 45 years ago.

How do I know all this? 

Because the woman on the right is my mother.

And, of course, my mother shared the true story of Jesus with me.

Do you see D3 Disciplemaking in the picture—that is, three generations of disciplemakers?

If you know anything about me, you know my life has been so transformed by my relationship with Jesus that I'm investing the rest of whatever life I have left infecting everyone I meet, everywhere I go, with this Jesus-like D3 disciplemaking way of life.

How real and life changing is Jesus and His D3 Disciplemaking way of life? 

Trust me when I say, if it weren't for Jesus, I'd never wear a tie.

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