A God Adventure in Colorado

Recently, I had the honor of exploring Cadre's Evangelism Is Relationship training experience with Shane Stacey, National Director of Student Ministries with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)—and some disciplemaking youth leaders from around the country—in the very snowy mountains of Colorado.
Once we got to Colorado, Shane and I grabbed a cup O' joe and headed up the mountains where we had an appointment with God and the other EFCA youth ministry leaders. I love the look on Shane’s face in this picture because it looks like at this precise moment, the caffeine started to kick in : ) God knew we were going to need it.

Driving into the mountains of CO. So far so good. All seemed well in our world.

The further up the mountains we went, the worse it got. But up the mountains we went anyway. Why? Because it's there.

With about a quarter mile to go, we got stuck. Leaving the car stuck in the middle of the road, we hiked up the mountain to the place we were going to gather for training and planning.

So this is why Shane invited me to be a part of this gathering? We got into the mountain home, found a snowblower, and got to work. There was about a foot of snow—with more snow falling every minute.

So this is what disciplemaking and following Jesus together looks like in CO? Yes. Yes it does. Everyone is stuck—and having the time of their lives. At least I was : ) How bad was it? Even a tow truck got stuck. Not kidding.

We invested a good portion of two days in friendship and experiencing Evangelism Is Relationships training (a.k.a., disciplemaking with friends who don’t know Jesus yet). We explored what it might look like to multiply God’s heart for lost people via Disciplemaking Learning Communities. We're prayerfully working out those details. PLEASE pray for us! Our passion is to see youth leaders and students encouraged and equipped to be very intentional about loving God and loving people and sharing the Gospel of Jesus in their natural spheres of influence! What could God do!

These leaders of the next generation of disciplemakers came from PA, IA, CA, TX, CO, MN, WI, ND, IL, NC, and KS. Pray for them! Most of them I had already met. All of them I grew love and appreciate more.

And I modeled for everyone there how to love a really lost Packer’s fan. Only the love of God could make me do it. Plus, I was really tired from 3 hours of shoving snow. Love this guy!

Updated 3/18/14
Here's an exciting update from Shane Stacey—from his ministry update—that is the fruit of your prayers. Thanks be to God!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

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