A clear what AND how

As I read Exodus 39 as a part of our read through the Bible in a year, I kept coming across the words, "just as the Lord commanded."

This got me thinking.

So I did a search. Those words, "just as the Lord commanded,"  are in the Bible 63 times. Twenty-five times they are in the book of Exodus.

This got me thinking some more. 

God didn't just give Moses a big idea to follow anyway Moses chose to do it. God gave him a clear picture AND a very specific way to go about it, i.e., "just as the Lord commanded."

Now, think about disciplemaking. 

It feels like to me that most of us know in our heads that God's big idea for His followers is disciplemaking. However, for some reason, we seem to believe that it doesn't really matter HOW we go about disciplemaking

But is that true?

Perhaps one of the reasons we have four gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John—detailing the life of Jesus Christ—is because God wanted to give us a very clear picture about HOW to go about disciplemaking. 

Still not convinced? Consider this...
"Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did."
—1 John 2:6

If God has given us a very clear "what" (make disciples) AND a very clear "how" (like Jesus did), then one of the most compelling questions we've got to wrestle is this...

What does a 1st century Jesus-like disciplemaking look like in a 21st century Western world?

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