Why Volunteers Quit...

Ever wonder why volunteers quit?

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons. 

But I challenge you to consider the difference between...
1. using volunteers to build a ministry
2. using ministry to build volunteers. 

Ponder and discuss these questions...
1. Which of those two would the volunteers who serve in ministry with you say you'd fall? Explain.

2. Which of those two would you place Jesus? Why?

3. What about Paul? Why?

Why are these questions important?

Most people have a pretty good boloney detector. Volunteers tend to know when they are simply being used to build a ministry. 

What volunteers really crave is to be a part of a ministry community that builds them... so they can build others (aka, disciplemaking).

Show me a leader who has a difficult time keeping volunteers and I'll show you a person who may be using volunteers to build a ministry—rather than using ministry to build volunteers.

This is one of the primary reasons volunteers quit.

Sorry, but it's often true:
Volunteers don't usually quit ministries, they quit leaders.

If that's true, then the next question must be:
How do we use ministry to build volunteers rather than use volunteers to build ministry?

Start here: Why Mobilizing Volunteers for Ministry Is a Big Deal—and How YOU Can Do It.

If you need training for volunteers...
* Consider this.


Dave VM. said…
Thanks Bill, you encourage us greatly.

Dave and Betsy

We are completely on board. Thanks

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