A Few Summer Highlights and Good News!

I had so much fun speaking to students and youth leaders at Mission Peoria. My 13-year-old daughter and 16-year-old daughter were participants in the week-long mission adventure! (Click any photo to enlarge.)

We had a great time with disciplemaking friends from IL, MN, and PA scheming to take over the world one heart at a time like Jesus did. We're in the process of executing those plans right now!

It was so much fun to speak to about 1,000 jr. high students and youth leaders at Power Connection at Northwest Missouri State University for three days this summer. God did some very crazy and cool things. Keep reading below....

After sharing the Gospel on Saturday afternoon at Power Connection, I invited all the youth leaders to stand. I then asked those students who wanted to trust Christ as Savior to simply walk up to one of their youth leaders and ask for his/her help. It felt like half of the audience got up and moved toward the adults standing up! And God did His thing. It was amazing. In the words of one youth leader: “We have 20 students with us and ten of them trusted Christ as Savior!"

This student walked up to me with tears in her eyes and said, “I just trusted Christ as my Savior with my youth leader!” How much fun is this? Another student later wrote this to me: “Thank you so much for speaking at Power Connection. I showed my parents C323! They loved it. I will never forget Power Connection 2015 and accepting Christ as my Savior.”

I had the honor of investing a day to encourage and equip the staff of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, IL, in disciplemaking friendships.

Thanks for praying for us… and changing the world.


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