Yes, God is love, but He's also...

If we only emphasize the attributes of God that we understand and enjoy—like His love, ironically, we end up creating a god the Bible doesn't substantiate.

According to the Bible, God is love, but He's also frighteningly holy. He's both at the same time—and way more.

As much as that truth is NOT cool, trendy, or politically correct, it's consistently how God portrays Himself throughout the entire Bible.

Yes, God is love. But God isn't only love—as we mortals understand love.

Unsettling... ain't it?

But this is precisely my point. He's God. We're not. Therefore, we'd better learn to live in the tension of who He says He is... or end up in serious theological error... with eternal ramifications.

Virtually every heresy begins with a misconception of the nature of God.

"Watch your life and doctrine closely."
—Paul to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:16

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