Father's Day: Which is better Google or Dad?

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Books, videos, curriculum, and the Internet are all fine and dandy.

But when it comes to learning and disciplemaking, the best way is always with a real person—preferably in an informal way.

Sounds like slow, hard work, doesn't it?

If you've found a "more efficient way" to make disciplemakers than Jesus' disciplemaking friendships approach—please don't take this personally—but I'm sticking with Jesus.

Beware of trading the hard work of disciplemaking friendships for short term "efficiency."

While I like efficiency as much as anyone else living in the 21st Century, I'm more than a little suspicious of it.

Many times shortcuts aren't very short.

No, I think I'll stick with Jesus' crockpot approach over our current culture's microwave approach.

It's not very efficient, but, wow, it has a 2,000 year record of transforming people... and the world. It turns out that little things done with God are way bigger than anything current culture thinks of a big.

Crazy, ain't it? But so like God.

Happy Father's Day to every father—but especially to all fathers who aspire to be disciplemaking dads.

What does it look like for you to live a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life as a dad in the 21st century? This may interest you.

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