Making Disciples—Who Make Disciples—Who Make More Disciples

On September 27, 2017, I drove to Peru, IL, where Dave Garda and I worked on all things Cadre. Then I headed off to Carlisle, IA, where I did the Becoming the Small Group Leader God Wants You to Be training experience at Three Rivers Community Church. (True Confessions: I may have stopped at a Whitey's Ice Cream once or twice.)

I woke up early Thursday morning, September 28th, in Iowa and headed to Minneapolis, MN, where I joined Dave and Rennie Garda for two days of training trainers from MN, WI, IL, MI, NE, NC, TX, PA, IA, VA, and CA (click pic above to enlarge for viewing). We trained trainers to train Cadre's  Evangelism Is Relationships AND Disciplemaking Is Relationships. These two days are at the very heart and soul of Cadre Missionaries—making disciples—who make disciples—who make more disicples! This is a continuation of wonderful disciplemaking partnership God has given us with Shane Stacey, Director of Reach Students of the Evangelical Free Church of America and many youth pastors in the EFCA.

This particular time of training trainers was especially sweet as we trained trainers to train trainers. (You might need to re-read that sentence again.) In other words, we partnered with youth pastors from the EFCA—helping them to train trainers during the two days we all worked together. It was a blast precisely because multiplying multipliers is what we do... because it's what Jesus did. : ) It was my great joy to walk alongside Jay Quick from IA as he trained trainers in Cadre's Evangelism Is Relationships training experience. Jay lives and teaches EIR so well!

On Friday night September 29, after two full non-stop days of training trainers, I was able to get dinner with my disciplemaking friend, Melvin Jones, before I would head even further north the next day.

But before I left Minneapolis on Saturday morning, September 30, I took time to enjoy some Caribou Coffee with our disciplemaking friend and partner, Shane Stacey.

After coffee with Shane on Saturday morning, September 30, I headed another three hours north to Drummond, WI. By Saturday afternoon, I was doing Cadre's The Life God Has Always Wanted You to Have training experience at The Oaks Church

On Sunday morning, October 1, I preached at The Oaks Community Church. I loved partnering with God and our good friend, Pastor Brian Cole. If you need encouragement, check out this short video about Brian's journey to Jesus. It will make your day.)

Before I headed from the 8 hour drive back to home in Central IL, Brian and I enjoyed a really sweet and relaxing motorcycle ride on the open roads of WI. But I must say, it was really great to be home with my family later that night... sleeping in my own bed.

Why did I share this disciplemaking adventure with you? Here's why: Without YOU and friends like you, there would be no Allison missionaries and no Cadre Ministries. Not joking when we say: We really are your disciplemaking missionaries serving Jesus with Cadre—and we thank God for you! Because of your prayers and $ partnership, we will multiply your investment in our lives by making disciples—who make disciples—who make more disciples—like THIS:
Only Heaven will reveal your prayer/$ support ripple effect that rings through all eternity.

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