Rapture Fever and the Prophecy Industrial Complex

Whenever I hear of someone claiming that Jesus is coming back on a certain date or specific time frame (which is surprisingly more often than one might think), I'm like, this feels strangely familiar. Let me explain...
So please pardon my incredulity. As you can see (above), I've lived through more than a few episodes of Rapture Fever within the American Christian community over the years. (Including this on in the 1980s).

I'm sticking with Jesus on this: "no one knows the day or the hour...." Matthew 24:36

Ironically, so many Christians are investing huge amounts of time and energy trying to figure out that which Jesus himself said he did not know.


Think about it.

One reason just might be the Prophecy Indu$trial Complex feeding our seemingly insatiable appetite for all things end of the world.

I guess going to prophecy conferences and approaching the Bible like it's a lock to be picked is more fun and entertaining for many us in the West.

Meanwhile, for the most part, we are not living out one of the last and clearest commands Jesus gave us: to make disciples—who make more disciples—who make even more disciples.

Disciplemaking. It's not very sensational. It doesn't sell a lot of books. You probably won't become YouTube famous.

But you might hear: "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

Chew on that for a while.

Beware of Rapture Fever.

p.s. Just in case you missed all the hubbub about the rapture happening last September 23, 2017, you didn't miss much.

* Update: The date has now been moved to "mid October" 2017.
* Update: Rapture is now moved to April 23, 2018.

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