Why Invest in Disciplemaking?


It's the last thing Jesus told us to live and do.

It's the gigantic "E" on the eye examination chart.

But when you're straining your eyes to read the smaller letters on the eye chart, you can end up missing the gigantic "E."

Could it be that we are missing the gigantic "E" on Jesus' eye chart?

(Or perhaps Jesus' eye chart has a gigantic "D" at the top for "Disciplemkaing" :)

In other words:
Are we busy doing every good thing except the very thing Jesus told us to do—disciplemaking?

As Cadre missionaries our passion is proliferating Jesus-like disciplemaking.
* It's what we aspire to live and do.
* With everyone.
* Everyday.
* Everywhere.

And we need your help. 
Would you prayerfully consider blessing a disciplemaking missionary?

Go here to give securely online

(For other ways to give, go here.)

Trust us when we say that no $ gift is too small and any gift will be deeply appreciated.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for investing in disciplemaking—and changing the world forever.

p.s. Are you willing to pray for us about 1-2 times a month? If so, please email me.

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