The sound of crickets...

Here's an email I got from a pastor...
"We are looking for an associate pastor whose passion is equipping others for ministry. We want this staff person to work more with adult volunteers, developing and equipping them, so they can work with students. Do you know anyone who might fit that bill? We have posted this opening at a few Bible colleges and seminaries, and I have talked with our denominational leaders and various other ministry leaders who are well-connected. We aren’t getting many resumes."

Here’s my email response...
"You're looking for a Jesus-like Ephesians 4:11-12 equipper/mobilizer of volunteers to do ministry… and those types of pastors are as rare as the 8-track tape these days. Most of us are “professionals” who do ministry. We're not equippers, developers and mobilizers of volunteers for ministry. For all our formal training, we don’t get something as simple and practical and biblical as how to find, develop, and deploy disciplemakers for ministry… the very thing Jesus, Paul, etc, did. No wonder you aren't getting much of a response."

When a ministry/church starts looking to hire an equipper/mobilizer, that sound you'll hear is the sound of crickets.

I contend that we can begin to change this—and we must begin to change this.

But how?

Here's a good place to start—if you dare.

Who do you know that needs this post?


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