That moment when someone becomes a real leader

That moment when... someone you're discipling starts discipling others! That is a beautiful moment.

Why? Because: We haven't made disciples like Jesus until those we disciple make more disciples.

These pictures capture a real leadership moment.

I know. There is so much talk about leadership these days. 

Here's a crazy thought on leadership: Whoever initiates disciplemaking friendships is a leader—even if he or she doesn't have a "leadership" title or position. Real leaders don't need a title or position. They live it. It's a way of life for them, not a job. 

So it turns out that...
All disciplemakers are leaders, but not all "leaders" are disciplemakers. 

Of course, Jesus is the ultimate leader. But he lived as a servant who made disciplemakers. Pardon me, but I'm a little suspicious of any talk of "leadership" that is not centered on servanthood and disciplemaking. I get those strange ideas from the life of Jesus and ministry of Jesus.

So where do you start if you really want to live a disciplemaking way of life—and lead others to do the same?

In other words, where do you start if you really want to experience that moment when someone becomes a real spiritual leader?
Here's a thought.

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