The True Story of a Crazy Pastor and How Disciplemaking Starts Right Where You Are and Spreads to the World...

Note: This post has been updated on 4/28/18, 11/4/18, and 1/28/19. Read all the way to the end for the most recent updates.

Meet my crazy friend, Steve Waggoner. He's the pastor of Crosswalk Fellowship in Delavan, IL. (Okay, we both might be crazy. Keep reading. You'll see why.)

I knew Pastor Steve lived and multiplied a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life long before I actually met him. Why? Because I kept meeting people he's discipled. So I knew it was a matter of God's timing before our paths would cross. Eventually, he showed up at one of Cadre's disciplemaking training experiences (see above). Some time later, Pastor Steve and I connected over coffee. (Hello? It's for a reason people.) We became friends. Disciplemaking friends.

Then Pastor Steve asked if he could take the disciplemaking training he received from Cadre and pass it on others. I smiled and said, "No way. We can't have people like you running amuck making disciples who make disciples—who make more disciples." But I think he knew I was joking.

Then Pastor Steve asked if we could start with the various leaders of the church. So, we did the same Cadre disciplemaking training experience with the ministry leaders of the church.

After training the leaders of the church, Pastor Steve jumped off a cliff.

He did something I've never seen a pastor do. He took his entire church through the exact same disciplemaking training experience for the next three months DURING the Sunday morning services. You might want to re-read that previous sentence again. Pastor Steve didn't do the disciplemaking training experience in Sunday school. He slow-dripped the biblical disciplemaking values of the training for three months as the Sunday morning worship/teaching time with the whole churchInstead of only preaching about disciplemaking, Pastor Steve gathered people around tables and trained and equipped them. For three months. As the Sunday morning worship service.

(This is NOT a picture of Pastor Steve. 
But it might be a few years from now.)

And here's the really amazing part: He kept his job as pastor (so far). And by the way, he stationed each of the leaders who were previously trained at different tables so they could facilitate the training and wrestling of Scripture for application with the rest of the church. The way they received disciplemaking is the way they gave it to others.

How ridiculously simple, beautiful, and rare is that?

I think this story is worth replicating millions of times.

If this story ended here, I could die with a smile in my heart.

But this story gets even better.

Pastor Steve recently asked me if he and some others he's trained could take the same Cadre training to Christian leaders in Albania. His church has a long history there. Of course, I said, "Yes!"

Then Pastor Steve looked at me and asked, "Can you come with us?"

I responded, "No."

But the more I thought and prayed about it... and the more I sought wise counsel about it... the more I grew to love the idea.

Why? Because it's what Jesus-like disciplemaking friendships are supposed to do... spread to all the nations!

How could I resist?

Here's what God did in Albania!

See how disciplemaking friendships start right where you live and then spreads to the world?

Only God!

If you've read this far, you may be wondering WHAT training we did and how YOU can do something like Pastor Steve in your church/ministry. Contact me. But before you do, let me ask you a serious question:

Are you crazy?
April 29, 2018
He's at it again. Crazy Pastor Steve (CPS) is taking the whole church through the Ministry Is Relationships disciplemaking training experience and slowly walking through the One Another Living Guide during the Sunday morning services over the next few months!

Below: Ministry Is Relationships training during the Sunday morning service at Crosswalk Fellowship in Delavan, IL.
Steve writes, "Powerful morning! Three new families came...was concerned how they'd feel about the sharing and praying on the 1 -10 scale of relationship with God. The Lord worked through that specifically to touch them. "Feels like a family" one said, "Never been to a church where people talk to each other like this" another said. "That was hard but really good for me"'another said. My wife talked with a new lady who started crying and said "I'm only a one is that ok." Rachel was able to love on her and pray with her. I talked with a guy who said. "I don't know how to pray can you just pray for me?" Awesome Spirit led time!"
"So much fun! All three of those new families, each who've never been connected to church, came from relational connections with people in our faith family who have felt equipped and launched by the recent trainings. Thank you for equipping me to equip others!" —CPS

Breaking News Update 2 of 3 
November 4, 2018

He's at it again. Crazy Pastor Steve (CPS) is taking the whole church through the Evangelism Is Relationships disciplemaking training experience and slowly walking through the John 3:16 Factor Living Guide during the Sunday morning services over the next few months!
That weird intersection of smiles, fun, and evangelism.

Even the kids and students are engaging.

Breaking News Update 3 of 3 
January 28, 2019

CPS goes to Uganda doing what he lives everyday—making disciplemakers of all nations!

Dear God, please give us thousands of CPS's.

Here's how you can join the Crazy Club.

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