Do you feel like we do?

I'm in that weird stage of life where I have difficulty remembering the names of my kids, but when I hear a song from the 70s, I can instantly name the band, album, and sing all the lyrics. (And I can play a darned good air guitar on the solo to boot.)

Recently, I reunited with Scott Davis, a friend from junior high, to take-in the legendary Peter Frampton in concert. It was delightful. Mostly...

As we got settled into our seats, I turned to my left to talk to Scott, but I couldn't help but see all the walkers piled up against the wall. I pointed this out to Scott. We looked at each other and burst out laughing... at ourselves and our generation. Ironically, one of the songs Peter Frampton sang to the geriatric crowd was "I Don't Need No Doctor." This picture suggests otherwise. So I guess the answer to Peter Frampton's question, "Do you feel like we do?" is, "Yes, thanks to wonders of Iburofen." 

The good news: The crowd sat down for most of the concert. The bad news: I can honestly say that I have never been at a concert where I had to stand up so many times to let people pass by so they could make their way to the bathroom. Let's face it, to the Peter Frampton generation, "pulled an all-nighter" means "I didn't have to get up in the middle of night to use the bathroom."  :  )

On that note, here's Tim Hawkins on old rockstars... 

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