Disciplemaking Friendships that Multiply

This disciplemaking friendship adventure began when Crazy Pastor Steve and I picked up Derrick Smothers at the Peoria International Airport. We then immediately drove to Minneapolis, MN. (We may have stopped at our favorite ice cream spot along the Illinois/Iowa boarder—Whitey's Ice Cream. I highly recommend their Cup O' Joe ice cream. Not joking. I hope they change it someday to Cup O' Joe with Bill. I would die a happy man—probably from too much ice cream.)

We woke up in MN and headed out for coffee and we spent the morning studying how Jesus made disciples—who made disciples—who made more disciples. Then for the next two days—along with Dave and Rennie Garda, Mark O' Brien and other Cadre friends/trainers, we encouraged and trained almost 30 disciplemaking leaders from seven different states (IL, NV, MN, WI, IA, OH, and MI). We partnered with our dear friends—Reach Students of the Evangelical Free Church of America.

We trained trainers to take the Ministry Is Relationships training experience back to their family, friends, and churches.

We had some more coffee and fun along the way too. Yes, pastors need to have fun too.

We also trained trainers to take the Disciplemaking Is Relationships training experience back to their family, friends, and churches.

We had trainers we've trained training trainers with us. (Yeah, you should read that again.) Pastor Nate Stenholtz is a disciplemaking friend and one of my favorite Cadre trainers.

And we also trained trainers to take the Evangelism Is Relationships training experience back to their family, friends, and churches.

At the end of our time together,  all three groups being trained gathered together to encourage each other and pray. Our disciplemaking friend, Mark O' Brien, gave us encouragement as we looked to take what we learned back home to where we live, work, and play. Might you be interested in being trained to live and share a Jesus-like disciplemaking way of life with others. If so, go here.

Would you please pray RIGHT NOW for these folks to continue to be disciples—who make disciples—who make more disciples—like this?

The very last thing we did together as a large group was pray the Disciplemaker's Prayer. And before you go, I invite you to join us. Start with this prayer right now.

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