Join Us for the Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus—The Training Experience

There’s a lot of talk about disciplemaking these days. But what does that really look like in everyday real life? If you’re interested in exploring what Jesus-like disciplemaking looks like today, this training is for you! In each of the following three sessions below, we’ll look at a nonnegotiable for making disciplemakers like Jesus.

Session 1 Be a Disciple
Everything in life and ministry will try to pull you off the simplicity of following Jesus together.

Session 2 Who Makes Disciples
Following Jesus isn’t a subject to be mastered, but an infectious way of life that is lived together and shared with others.

Session 3 Who Make More Disciples
If those we disciple don’t make more disciples, then we haven’t made disciples like Jesus.

Training Materials?

Each person will receive TWO follow-through resources: 1) The Disciplemaker's Living Guide...


2) The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus book.

Want to Schedule This Training?

For more info, contact Bill Allison.

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