Five Lunch Gatherings for Disciplemaking Friends...

(Above: The Peoria Area Leadership Ongoing PALCO)

What if you invited your friends (see pic above) to a "disciplemaking tune up" over five lunch gatherings? I'd love to help you do that—and if you're within a drive—I'd like to join you and your friends. Here's how it works...

1. The Book
We'll be taking a slow, interactive walk through each chapter of Cadre's brand new book, The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus: Jesus-Like Disciplemaking Friendships that Multiply. For complete information about the book, go here. Whether you have a book or not, you're still welcome to be a part of this disciplemaking tune up. 

2. The Time
You don't have to commit to all five lunch gatherings. Come to any of the lunch dates you can make.

3. The Lunch
Each person pays for his/her own lunch.

4. The Friends
Seating is limited, but you may bring friends to any of these gatherings as long as there is space and and you RSVP.

5. The Dates
Contact me if this is something you'd like to explore.

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