Disciplemaking Pastors—Part 1

Meet Pastor Joe Horn, Chillicothe Bible Church, IL.
"Bill, I love being a part of Peoria Area Leadership Community (PALC) and look forward being a part of the PALC Ongoing gatherings. PALC is the most encouraging thing in my life right now. Thanks for investing your life in pastors and ministry leaders like me."

A few of the people Pastor Joe is training to live as disciplemakers...
“I've read dozens of discipleship books, used lots of programs and manuals, studied with lots of different people as part of my efforts to obey Jesus and make disciples. But few of these paid off in producing disciples who then make disciples. The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus gives me a simple, reproducible, easily-explainable way to show someone how to do what Jesus did with someone else. I can't recommend it highly enough. It has been transformative in my life and in the life of several members of our church family. If you take the time to read this book, understand it, and put it into practice, you'll succeed in making disciples like Jesus did. And what is better than that?” 
Pastor Joe Horn, Chillicothe Bible Church, IL.

What crazy things might God do if a pastor got intentional about making disciplemakers—starting with the people in church? Here's a another true and encouraging story.


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