The Challenge of Being a Disciplemaking Pastor—Part 1

"Hi Bill,
We talked a few months ago after the disciplemaking training experience you and your pastor friends led for the pastors of our denomination. I had been at my present church for a couple of months when that training took place. Here's a picture of the group of men I'm pulling close for disciplemaking. I would say our group is still in its infancy, but these guys are beginning to bond together and I am seeing some spiritual movement and passion kindled.

This took me a lot longer than I expected. I had originally planned to do this with the church elders. I struggled for a few months because they were resistant to meet outside of the normal business meetings due to time constraints—and that was just not enough to take this to a deeper level. So I began searching for the guys God had placed in my life here that would be receptive. I found three who were committed to come and begin the disciplemaking process.

It has been exciting to see what God is already doing in them. One of them, whom I saw from the day I came to candidate, has a deep desire to take it to the next level, no matter what. God is developing leadership in him for the future. All three together are a solid start—even if a slow one.

Thank you for staying in touch. Blessings to you and your crew!"

What can we learn from this true story?

Here's a thought that comes to my mind.

What's your next step?
* A blue-print for disciplemaking pastors
* Training for disciplemaking pastors 

* Training Pastors to Train Disciplemakers 
The true story of a disciplemaking pastor 

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